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30 October, 2020
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166 + 10%
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Server Officially Launched on 30 October 2020! 500USD Cash Prize WOE Event on December!!
[Max Level: 500\120] [Exp: 25k] [Drop: 100% common items, 30% equipment, 10% cards] [Automated Events] [BG 3.0] [Web Ranks] [International and Friendly Community] [Challenging MVPs] [Active GMS]

BetterRO is a server that is trying to change and revolutionizing the HR WOE scene. We are the pioneers of the first HR Super WOE Event that gave out 450 USD to the winners of the event!

Join our Discord Now:

Coming Soon: Faction System, Achievement System, Faction War, Territorial Wars.

Not p2w server!
Easy farming, easy to gear up!
Active BGs!
Hunting Missions!
GM Events Daily!
Freebies for new players!
Guild Migration Package!
Streamers Package!

Wargods Season 1 = 500 USD CASH PRIZE
More details on this event here :

Commandes disponibles

NPCs disponibles

  • Job Changer
  • Healer
  • Healer + Buffs
  • Warper > Ville
  • Warper > Donjon
  • Warper > Donjon Nv.
  • Annonceur
  • Styliste
  • Reset Stats
  • Reset Skills
  • Card Remover
  • Platinum Skills
  • PVP Room
  • MVP Room
  • DB Room
  • Battleground
  • Evenements Automatique

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yukari77 note

If you still hesitate

It's the first time I'm writing a review for a server and I'm doing this because this server deserves a good one. The staff is often present IG to get our feedbacks or to organize events. You can tell they work hard and spend a lot of time on this server, everything is well thought. You don't have to waste hours/days to lvl up (in 15 min you're lvl max as a HW). For players who like pvp, you can get your basic equipments or card with the mvp room (Turtle general, maya...) but for the rest, you have to work for It ofc! there is a real competition for the best cards. There are several hats in quest for specific jobs that will keep you busy. If you hate quests, you can get your eqps in bg while having fun. The BGs are dynamics and fun if you like to fight. You will never see the same jobs in bg, everyone plays different class (you will never see 5 profs in bg, there are even snipers) and if you feel like your class needs to be fixed, GM would be pleased to hear your opinions. They try to give every class its chance to compete. If you like doing quests for hats for aesthetic, there are hunting quests and they will rotate so the hats will not always be the same! There are french, english, spanish and pinoy people on the server. The updates are regular and the server is continuously improving and correcting bugs. If you like competition, they are also planning to hold a woe competition with good rewards. As a player, we are looking for new faces/guild to see (kill) in bg or woe :)